Ryan Somelofske is an artist and educator currently located in Syracuse, NY.


His work is a survey of the contemporary landscapes he encounters. Through the modes of folk history, urban legends, and religion he documents the many ways the land entwines itself into our stories and lives. His crafted narrative installations of sculptures, prints and objects pick at the cracks between the dying, carnal world and a hopeful, enchanted world.


He earned a BFA in Film, Photography and Visuals Arts from Ithaca College in 2015 and an MFA in Art Photography from Syracuse University in 2021.






Group Exhibitions and Screenings


April 2021 “Carrying the Thick Present” Community Folk Art Center, Syracuse, NY Link


March 2021 “Random Sugar” SUGAR Gallery, Fayetteville, AK Link


May 2020 “Thesis Shows” Virtual Link


December 2019 “Activities - Graduate Students Art” Smith Hall Gallery, Syracuse, NY


December 2019 “The Extinction Gallery” Random Access Gallery, Syracuse,NY


May 2019  “Off The Record” Random Access Gallery, Syracuse, NY


December 2015 “Capitalism, Patriarchy and Pornography” Roy H. Park Auditorium, Ithaca, NY


May 2015  “Under New Management” Commons Artist Space, Ithaca, NY


December 2014 “Select Documentaries” Cinemapolis, Ithaca New York



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